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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2010;13(3):188-194.
Development of an Instrument for Residual Chlorine in Environmental Water
환경 물 시료 중 잔류 염소 측정 장치의 개발
한원식1, 이혜림2, 홍태기2
In this study, a portable instrument for measuring residual chlorine in environmental water samples was fabricated. This instrument was composed with a CPU (central processing unit), a photodiode, a LED, a data storing EEPROM, a key controller based on keyboard, several ICs, an LCD, and a power supply. It was tried to simplify the circuit structure and improve the anti-interference of the device through the collection and processing of photoelectrical signal, and the circuit control by using a CPU with an AD/DC converter. The LED with 525 nm wavelength was selected as a light source, to which ±5 V electric power was supplied. The calibration curve developed for the residual chlorine was found linear over the range of 0.2~2.0 mg/L. Their calibration sensitivities were 0.4146 and 0.4133 in KMnO4 and NaOCl standard solution, and their correlation coefficients were 0.9997 and 0.9994, respectively. Their relative error was only about 0.3%. When the instrument was applied to the water samples of 0.1 mg/L~1.8 mg/L range, it produced standard deviation of 0.003. The method detection limit was 9.95×10-3 mg/L, when KMnO4 standard solution was used.
Key Words: residual chlorine, SEMI spectrometer, LED, Environmental water samples


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