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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2018;21(3):125-138.
Pollution Assessment in Surface Sediments of Weir Constructed Sections in Geum River
금강수계 보구간 표층퇴적물 오염도 평가
양윤모, 오다연, 김대현, 이대희, 길기범, 조윤해, 이혜리, 천세억, 채민희
To evaluate the overall level of pollution in surface sediments of weir-constructed sections in the Geum River, samples were collected at nine sites four times during the period from 2015 to 2016 (a total of 36 samples). Particle size distribution, organic matter, nutrients, and heavy metals were analyzed. The surface sediments were composed mainly of sand, and the sediment types were S (sand), zS (silty sand), and sZ (sandy silt). The concentrations of IL, T-N, and T-P were lower than the values of the class IV sediment pollution evaluation level (National Institute of Environmental Research standards). The results showed that the research sites were not severely or apparently not polluted by organic matter and nutrients. The pollution assessment and ecological risk of heavy metals were evaluated using various geochemical assessment indices (Igeo, EF, mPELkQ, and PLI). Our results indicate that there was anthropogenic pollution in the study area, moderately polluted especially by Cd and Zn.
Key Words: Geum River, Organic matter, Heavy metal, Sediment, Geochemical assessment index


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