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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2016;19(4):216-224.
Lead and Cadmium Distribution Characteristics in Coal Fired Power Plants
석탄화력발전시설에서의 납, 카드뮴 분포특성
주종호1, 문영훈1, 이아영1, 권도형1, 김영희2, 석광설2, 송금주1
Anthropogenic emission of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) were assessed at tow power plants fueled by bituminous coal, and at one power plant fueled by mixes (bituminous and anthracite) coal. Plant input and output materials were sampled in each process. The input materials were the coal and B-C oil as fuel in the combustor, and limestone as the remover of SOx in air-pollutant control device. The output materials were bottom ash, fly ash, gesso and sludge. The materials were sampled at least three times at each sampling point, then analyzed using ICP or ICP/MS. The coal fuel was the main input source of Pb and Cd, and the concentration of Pb and Cd was higher in the mixed coal than in the bituminous coal. Total Pb and Cd emission in fly ash was highest among the output materials, and very low in off gas and sludge. However, the concentration of Pb and Cd in the sludge was highest among the output materials. The fly ash is sold for reuse, and the sludge is dumped in a landfill site. Therefore, Pb and Cd in the fly ash and in the sludge should be managed before they are passed on in these ways.
Key Words: Lead, Cadmium, Distribution characteristics, Coal fired power plant, Mass balance


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