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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2015;18(1):67-84.
Analysis of Correlation between Water Quality Parameters using Data from Real-time Automatic Measurement
금강수계의 실시간자동측정 자료를 이용한 수질환경인자 간의 상관관계 분석
김영숙1, 문현생2, 홍지영2, 김미아2, 김샛별2, 신현주2, 김경현2
In this study, correlations between seasons and parameters in the Geum River, South Korea, were examinedusing the hourly measurement data of water quality parameters by a real-time, automatic water-quality monitoringstation. Correlations between measures of water quality provided by this station exhibited the sametrends as those acquired by manual measurements; in both cases, water temperature showed high correlationswith DO and pH. Inflow-pollution-source items (TOC, TP) showed positive correlations with, and were muchinfluenced by, water temperature and precipitation. These two parameters had negative correlations with TN,which acts as a growth-limiting factor for algae. Linear regression analysis revealed that water temperaturecould be used to explain variations in DO (86.0%), pH (77.4%), TOC (51.7%), TN (39.6%), and TP (34.5%),at most. DO and TOC could explain variations in pH (90.8%) and TP (34.5%), respectively. The daily cyclesof change in water temperature, DO, and pH showed trends similar to that of air temperature. Generally, theywere highest from 13:00 to 16:00 hours, and lowest from 05:00 to 07:00 hours. The daily differences (largestin summer and smallest in winter) were most apparent in Bonghwangcheon, which is a tributary of the GeumRiver.
Key Words: Water quality, Real-time automatic measurement, Accuracy assessment, Correlation analysis, Daily cycle
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