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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2012;15(3):171-178.
A Study on the Unification between Environmental Standard and KS ISO Standard for Soil Quality
토양분야 환경오염공정시험기준과 KS ISO규격의 일원화에 관한 연구
김지인1, 김보경1, 김정화1, 이군택2, 이상욱3, 안문성1, 임태숙1, 한진석1, 이원석1
Korea has two type of the environmental official test methods, environmental standards enacted by ministry of environment (ES) and Korean industrial standard enacted by ministry of knowledge and Economy (KS),which causes the confusion of users, The main purpose of this study is to compare ES with KS and to make solutions to unify two types of standards. futhermore, We found the ways to improve ES and KS considering many countries aligned domestic standards with international standards. ES for soil quality consisted of sixty official test methods. We focused on thirty official test methods in ES except for the introduction, sampling methods and leak test methods and compared them with the corresponding KS just translated from ISO standard without any technical changes. By reviews and comparative tests between ES and KS we classified them into “No corresponding standards”, “Pre-unification completed”, “Pre-unification impossible”, “Unification completed” and “Unification impossible”. There were eighteen standards possible to unify, six standards impossible to unify and six standards corresponding no KS. We suggested that ESs for CN, phenols and Cr6+were needed to adopt parts of the procedures in KS for improving recoveries and reducing the pre-treatment time and labor. We also found that both standards had to include detailed information about wavelength to analyze metals for user's convenience.
Key Words: Environmental Standard for Soil Quality, KS, ISO standard, unification


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